Friday, July 16, 2010

The WOB Chronicles Inroduction


Welcome to Romano WOB which is short for Romano World Of Books the blog that I call my world of books. This is the blog that is dedicated to the bookworm. Being the book junky that I am, if I don’t read one of the latest books or if I have a discussion with some of my friends who are serious book fanatics and discuss a really interesting book that I have not read, I tend to get serious book withdrawal symptoms (LOL)! If my job was just to read books, give my opinions about them and get paid for it, I would probably have that renowned feeling called “never work a day in your life” or maybe even quote those words in my everyday vocabulary. I will be taking you on a journey with some of the most fascinating, adventurous and interesting reading journeys I have had. I will be telling you what some of the books are about (sometimes in my opinion) why you should read them and probably about the author.

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